Main Screen - iPhone

This is where you can view your daily spending target, your item history, and add new budget items.  The most important things are a single glance or tap away.

Projection Graph - iPhone

The Projection Graph shows you how you are doing for your current savings period. It lets you know how you are doing, and where you will end up if you keep spending at your current rate.

Fullscreen History - iPhone

Double-tap the History to see your spending history in fullscreen.

Breakdown Graph - iPhone

See what you have been spending your money on with the Breakdown graph.

Savings Options - iPhone

You can choose whether you want to save more or spend less, how much, and how often.

Adding an Item - iPhone

Just type in the number and press go to add a new item. It's as easy and quick as that.

History Graph - iPhone

View your longterm income and spending habits with the History Graph.

Projection Graph - iPad

Quickly view your daily spending target, spending history, savings projection, and add new payments quickly on the iPad

Breakdown Graph - iPad 

The Breakdown Graph shows what you've been spending your money on.

Rotated Main Screen - iPad

Rotate your iPad for a different view with a larger history.