Tuesday 24 July 2012

Save n' Spend 1.1 is now available

What's New:

  •  Added the option to password protect the App. This can be turned on and off on the settings screen.
  •  You can now use decimal points (eg. cents) for Automatic Payments.
  •  Updated the look of the "Savings Period has Elapsed" notification screen.
  •  App speed improvements. App startup and adding new payments should now be snappy.
  •  Save n' Spend can now load straight into landscape mode on iPad without needing to rotate the screen.
  •  Added a kaching! sound when adding payments.
  •  Fixed bug where if editing the amount of an automatic payment in a different currency, the amount would show with your system currency symbol on the calculator.
  •  Fixed bug with expense automatic payments showing the wrong icon on the Breakdown chart.

You can get the update through the App Store on your iOS device!

1 comment:

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